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Decentralized Blockchain Platform That Runs  Smart Assets Protocol

How Smart AssetsWork

To understand how Smart Assets work, here's a simple illustration that you can study

On the Jonson Blockchain network offering the Industry trade, financial services, insurance, credit authorization, legal processes, and even crowdfunding agreements (ICOs) are few examples for the use of smart assets in the Jonson blockchain network in the business world.

JSA-20 is a standard token owned by Jonson that can make it easier for users to create fungible tokens. JSA itself stands for Jonson Smart Asset.

Smart assets have a vital role in the Jonson blockchain network. This system determines the total supply of tokens, how the supply dies, when the token is issued, and handles key functions such as information regarding the balance of token holders and facilitating token transfers, with the JSA-20, the process of token creation via smart assets can be accelerated.


The advantage of Jonson Blockchain is that it increases security and privacy. The increased security offered by Jonson Blockchain comes from how blockchain technology works. Jonson Blockchain creates valid transaction records.

Notable Features Jonson

You can fully develop Jonson components, and you receive a lot of open source in the scope of the Jonson Foundation and ready to use


Smart Assets


Proof of Stake

Non-Fungible-Token (NFTs)

DeFi Technology

Wrapped Tokens

Stable Token


Block Reward


The benefit that Jonson can get is to get a fee from the cost of coin development, distribution, and transactions that occur on the Jonson network. Jonson is operated as a decentralized network that can be built through an application so that many cryptocurrency tokens are issued using the Jonson network. On the other hand Jonson can be used to change the way securities trade because it allows more development that results in various tokens or digital assets creativity. Jonson Foundation is open source software licensed under the MIT License. Follow our project journey, and stay tuned for news!

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